Watches by SJX: Introducing Atelier de Chronométrie and its Hand-Finished Chronometer Wristwatch

Founded by Barcelona-based vintage watch dealer Santiago Martinez Rajasa, Atelier de Chronométrie aims to create classic chronometers using rejuvenated vintage movements. To complete and decorate the movements, Rajasa recruited watchmaker Moebius Rassmann. ويليام هيل Their first product is the Atelier de Chronométrie wristwatch, equipped with an Omega calibre 266 from the 1950s that is tested and certified by the Besançon observatory in France. قواعد لعبة البولينج

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When starting a conversation about watches, most of the time you will hear ‘Swiss made’ and that’s just.. well heritage. Watches and all other things that have anything to do with time find their origin in Switzerland. Over the years it became a sort of quality demand. كيف تربح بالروليت When your watch was Swiss made, it had …

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Orologeria Esclusiva: Atelier de Chronométrie AdC#4. Il luogo comune più diffuso tra gli appassionati d’orologeria è che la Svizzera sia l’unica detentrice delle migliori idee e realizzazioni in questo ambito. العاب الروليت Ma, al solito, i luoghi comuni sono fatti per esser smentiti. لعبة جاك L’appassionato più navigato sa bene che Inghilterra, Francia e Germania negli ultimi due secoli sono state non solo protagoniste ma anche portatrici sane di filosofie diverse e delineate con canoni piuttosto elevati sia di produzione che d’idee. لعبة 21 Quello che però più sorprende è che tra i grandi di questo mondo, sia entrato di diritto (con ottime ragioni) una realtà che non proviene dalle ‘solite’ terre…

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El aprendiz más aplicado. Barcelona es sede de Atelier de Chronométrie, un taller de relojería que produce piezas con la reconocida técnica suiza pero con un toque español moderno e irresistible.

Watches by SJX, AdC #2 and #3

Atelier de Chronométrie Introduces the AdC #2 and #3, Powered by Remade Vintage Omega MovementsThe Spanish watchmaker broadens its offering while continuing to channel the mid 20th century chronometer spirit.

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Hands-on Atelier de Chronométrie AdC #1 and AdC #2 – As Hand-Made As Possible. Last year I was in Barcelona and I had a few hours in between meetings. روليت مجاني Since I’d heard about the brand, I reached out to Atelier de Chronometrie and luckily they had time to see me. Meeting with Santiago Martinez and Montse Gimeno of the brand, a couple living and working in downtown Barcelona, was a huge pleasure. Santiago is the brand’s creative director and takes care of customer relations, his partner Montse is AdC’s managing director and also takes care of communication. طريقة لعب القمار


Introducing Atelier de Chronométrie and why it’s the most interesting thing I saw during Salon QP. Some of the most interesting watches I saw at this year’s SalonQP were made in Barcelona, Spain. روليت And, as if that isn’t enough, they were made by a three-person company that’s barely more than a year old. لعبة بوكر حقيقية No joke.

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Atelier de Chronometrie 巴塞點止好波,仲有好錶. Atelier de Chronometrie這西班牙品牌或許名字有點難唸,但美麗動人的身與芯有眼的都應懂欣賞。每一只錶都是按客人要求度身訂製針、面、殼的獨一無二精品。小三針機芯以庫存的Omega C. استراتيجية بينجو 266從頭製作,改動零件可多達四十多個,包括裝上他們設計的擺輪游絲,跟重新製芯差別無幾。原芯和錶面來自瑞士,其他的,包括錶帶,都製於巴塞隆拿。

Watches by SJX, AdC #4

Introducing the Atelier de Chronométrie AdC #4 Cloisonné. A day and night display in hand-made, fired enamel. Having presented a trio of vintage-inspired chronometers powered by rebuilt vintage Omega movements, Barcelona-based Atelier de Chronométrie is now onto its fourth timepiece. رهانات الخيول While the earlier models featured retro-style sector and gilt dials, the AdC #4 is endowed with a striking cloisonné enamel dial that is also made in the Spanish city. لعب القمار على الانترنت