The challenge was to create an amazing cloisonné enamel dial executed in the traditional way. We work in collaboration with the awesome Catalan enamel artist Josep Ronsano. It represents an original vision of the Planet Earth and the Moon from outer space in motion thanks to a romantic complication that makes the dial rotate.

AdC4 Atelier de Chronometrie
AdC4 Atelier de Chronometrie


A whimsical complication integrated on the base plate that makes the dial do a full turn each 5 hours 20 minutes. A poetic representation of the passing of time completed by the elegant 18k yellow gold artisanal hands.


Cloisonné dial made with 35 different colors and hues (opaque, opal, transparent and Mica powders) that rotates and represents another perspective of outer space that enhances the beauty of Planet Earth, the Moon and the Universe. It took nearly a entire month to be made.

AdC4 Atelier de Chronometrie

More details

  • Calibre 4, Omega 266 ébauche.
  • Manual winding.
  • Calibre of 13 lines and 5,4mm height.
  • 20 jewels (9 of the total to help to reduce the friction of the dial rotation).
  • Power reserve 36 hours.
  • Frequency 18.000 b.p.h.
  • 4 superior bridges made of Arcap. The bridges have a bicoloured finish
  • “Free sprung balance” regulated by inertial screws.
  • Finishes: frosting, anglage, mate finishes, perlage and côtes circulaires. Bicoloured finishe on the bridges; 18k rose gold plated on the superior frosting, flanks and inferior perlage and the natural Arcap color for the anglage.
  • Cloisonné dial with 35 colors and hues (opaque, opal and transparent and Mica powder) on a 18k yellow gold base and 24k yellow gold wire. It does a full turn every 5 hours and 20 minutes.
  • 2 Handmade 18k yellow gold hands.
  • Handmade 37’5mm 18k grey gold case with elongated lugs and concave bezel.
  • Handmade, 18k white gold crown.
  • Handmade 18k white gold buckle.