Handmade watchmaking

Atelier de Chronométrie creates timepieces by hand, using age old watchmaking techniques and tools, without the use of modern machines, such as CNC. Timepieces made like in bygone days with dedication, time and passion. The main objective is to return to time-honored ways of handcrafting timepieces and demonstrating that in the modern XXI century it is possible to create handmade wristwatches without renouncing quality or accuracy.


Every Atelier de Chronométrie wristwatch is made to measure at the buyer´s request. Customers can choose from many options such as the case material, the type of dial design and different choices for the calibre. Each wristwatch is a one-off piece, designed exclusively for the customer. With an aesthetic influenced by the glorious era of watchmaking – the 30’s and 40’s, the timepieces are characterized by pure and timeless lines.

The origin

Before the creation of Atelier de Chronométrie the team spent some years of hard work developing a very special timepiece; the « Semanario ». A wristwatch with an unusual complication than marks the number of week of the year and the day of the week with more than 50 pieces completely handmade. Once we finished it, we realized that we were able to develop our own timepieces.