Atelier de Chronométrie #1

Atelier de Chronométrie #1

Atelier de Chronométrie #1

The first Atelier de Chronométrie creation is a handmade Observatoire Chronometer (certified by l’Observatoire de Besançon) with echoes of bygone days. The design is characterized by a minimalist shaped case that focuses the attention on a two tone Sector dial that offers an easy and precise time measurement and big sub-seconds like the antique competition chronometers. To the best of our knowledge, this chronometer is the first timepiece to obtain such a certificate in the Spanish watchmaking history.

The movement

Observatoire Chronometer certified by l’Observatoire de Besançon

It’s inspired in the finest old pocket watches from past centuries and is based on the mythical Omega 30mm (cal. 266). It has been chosen because of its durability and stability.

  • 23 pieces are completely handmade without using CNC milling machines.
  • The rest of the calibre parts are completely modified and decorated by hand using artisanal tools and methods.
  • The finish includes handmade techniques such as frosting (real frosted, not sandblasting) as well as hand beveling, black polish, round anglage, perlage and base plate with côtes circulaires.
  • Each movement is reinvented each time for each customer, changing technically and aesthetically.
More details
  • 23 pieces are completely handmade without using CNC milling machines.
  • 3 superior bridges made of Arcap entirely crafted and decorated by hand using artisanal methods.
  • The ratchet click is completely handmade in one single piece and finished by file.  Despite its delicacy, it offers high reliability and excellent sound; the typical “click”.
  • The ratchet and the crown wheel are black polished, the crown wheel core is fully handmade.
  • The balance is a free sprung balance regulated by inertial screws and two massellottes made of 18k white gold. The shock system is the three points contact KIF.
  • Train wheel: original from the Omega cal. 266, modified and improved. The brass wheels are gold-plated to avoid corrosion.
  • Anchor escape original from the Omega calibre, decorated to enhance its beauty.

The case

Pure essence

A timeless case characterized by simplicity in the shape that enhances the beauty
and forcefulness of the dial. It’s a three body coin edge with elongated lugs in
18k white gold.

The dial

Chronometric look

Creating a look that fits perfectly to the chronometer calibre behavior is one of the main goals. The two tone Sector dial offers an easy and precise time measurement and the big “sub-seconds are engine turned, such as the antique competition chronometers. The hypnotic blued steel artisanal hands, an essential part of the time indication, which heighten the whole concept of the chronometric look.


The bracelet

Beads of rice

An entirely handmade bracelet only created by using old techniques and many hours of accurate work. The ideal accessory that fits perfectly with the Atelier de Chronométrie style.

  • It’s made in 18k white gold and it’s also available in 18k yellow and rose gold or combination of both.
  • The finish can be satin or polished and both combined as well.