Return to the heyday of Artisanal Watchmaking

The Atelier de Chronométrie timepieces are made by hand as in bygone days with dedication, time and passion. Our goal is to return to time-honoured ways of handcrafting timepieces, demonstrating that in the XXI century it is possible to create such pieces without renouncing high-end quality. Working by hand allows us to make each wristwatch a one-off piece, designed exclusively for the customer. Every watch is made with our hands and hearts creating its own unrepeatable story.

Handcrafted movements

The Atelier de Chronométrie calibres are created by hand with the use of old watchmaking techniques and artisanal tools, without the help of any modern technology such as CNC milling machines. Handcrafted calibres with the best accuracy and quality.



Timepieces with soul

With an aesthetic influenced by the glorious era of watchmaking – the 30’s and 40’s, the Atelier de Chronométrie timepieces are characterized by a timeless look and minimal case shapes that enhance the beauty of the dials and the calibres.

The creation process